Super Easy, Skillet Supper!

This week has been a really crazy one- and it's only halfway over!!  Evidently, even though we've only been engaged for just under 100 hours the questions are already flowing in; Who's in your wedding party? Have you picked a date?  What are your colors? What kind of dress do you want?  What are you going to do for your bachelorette party? On top of building and maintaining my own business, I can't seem to rope my mind back in to reality and completing the normal daily tasks!
So yesterday, after a long day of clients, and 2 trips to the jewelers (for resizing- HUGE thanks to Nasr in Plymouth, Eddie did it in about 2.5 hours- everyone else was quoting 2-3 DAYS!! I hadn't even THOUGHT about what we were going to have for dinner! I knew that there was chicken in the fridge, but hadn't gotten around to going to the store, and my kitchen mirrors that of Old Mother Hubbard right now. 

After last week's adventure with the pork and tomato soup, I had an idea... 
Into my skillet I poured 1 can of Campbell's Broccoli & Cheddar Soup, and 1 can of milk.  After everything had heated up and was a normal "soup" consistency, I tossed in my salt & peppered chicken breasts. 
That's when I started up a small pot of water- I love carbs: bread, pasta, rice- a meal is not complete for me without my carbs.  So when that water was ready, in went my spiral pasta pieces. 
After turning my chicken that was being cooked up in the soup, I also added to the skillet 1.5 cups of frozen peas and onions (you can use any frozen veggies you have on hand, peas were the only ones I could find in my freezer). 
The soup didn't stay soupy long enough- I had intended on it being a more gravy texture, I'm sure I could have added more milk to thin it out, it more or less turned into clumps that held the peas and onions together.  Because the chicken was cooked up in so much liquid, it was very moist, with a hint of the soup flavoring. 
The entire dinner took less than 25 minutes to make- the chicken took a little longer because I wanted to be sure it was cooked all the way through.  It probably would have cooked up faster had I covered my skillet, but I was anxious to keep an eye on my creation!
The end result- 2 very full, very tired bellies on the couch, ready for an early night!  Dinner doesn't need to take hours to prepare, and it definitely doesn't need to take tons of work and ingredients. 

What are some quick dinner ideas you've used in the past?

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