Does Your Family Have a Plan?

Feeling inspired by my good friend Gwen Morgan, of The What If Work Book ( I put together my own family planning work book.  Since it's just Rick and I, this was a pretty easy task- as our little twosome grows, the book I'm sure will come in as a very handy tool.  While Gwen's book focuses on the future after your own, my book is based on today, and now, for our household. 
The book contains a basic profile for each of us- along with birthdays, anniversaries, allergies, clothing sizes, and any other profile information that we might want to fill in.  It also has a page with emergency contact info- the local pharmacy, doctors and dentists to contact, any specialists that we might have seen.  We have a list of household vendors that we need; Directv, NationalGrid, our local handyman, the landscaper, and so on and so forth. 
This book is where we can keep carry out menus for local eateries, and shopping lists for the market.
We have listed a family emergency plan- listing what to do if and when there is an emergency.
Since Rick travels a lot for work, I keep his travel plans written down in a master calendar, as well as off hour appointments that I might have, and parties or events that we are planning on attending.
I'm envisioning that when we do buy our own home, we will also include a map of the home, as well as swatches of paint, and any other DIY info that might be helpful. 
The purpose of this book is to have a place to keep information stored- so it's not in random phone books, on one calendar but not another, and to avoid having a "junk drawer" where things get hidden, never to be seen again.

Do you keep a master planner like this?

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  • 3/23/2012 9:14 PM Gwen Morgan wrote:
    Hello Stacy, thank you SO much for referencing my What if ... Workbook to your blog followers! My intent is to help people get their affairs together all in one place ... to make important decisions BEFORE a crisis happens, like getting together financial info, where documents are stored (do they have important documents in place??), final wishes, special gifts to loved ones, etc. But you have taken it one step further to include the 'everyday' life issues. How brilliant!
    You continue to amaze me with your awesome advise to help us all be more organized in our daily lives.
    Thank you!
    With huge respect and appreciation,
    Gwen Morgan
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  • 3/30/2012 3:43 PM Gwen Morgan wrote:
    Hello dear friend Stacy! Thank you SO much for your support of the What if ... Workbook in your blog. I am thrilled to hear that it got you started in the more 'everyday' planning for your household. What a great idea! You are definitely one of the most creative, organized and motivating women I know. Keep up the good work ... I still love your blogs (as I sit now to catch up on them )
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