Every Busy Fiance Needs A Wife!

I'm thinking of changing my tagline... it's currently "Every Busy Woman Needs A Wife," but the last few weeks of my life has proven that this errand running Fiance, could do quite nicely with a wife.  

Last Saturday, we went and traded in my Traverse.  It was killing me on gas and it was much more car than we need right now.  Having seven seats is perfect... if you have five kids you're constantly shuttling around.  That's not our life.  It's just Rick, myself, and the dog.  I usually have a variety of cleaning products and tools, but all of that can fit into a trunk.  So we pick out a car, a nice four door sedan, with a huge trunk, the dealership swaps the plates, I sign a million different papers and off we go. 

Tuesday afternoon I get a frantic call from the dealership telling me I need to get back to the dealership immediately and exchange my plates.  The ones they had swapped over had expired. 
I'm thinking about this, and I'm scratching my head (here's how my thought process went down: "there's no way they could have expired.  I bought the Traverse last March, and aren't plates good for a year?  I've still got... Oh.My.God. It's April." I've been signing checks, dating invoices, cards, and looking at the calendar daily- but somehow I'm still living in March. 

Sometimes that happens- we live such busy lives that it's easy to lose track of time.  I met with a woman this morning, who has been meaning to call me since Christmas... December?!  Somehow, here we are in April and we're just getting around to talking about the project she had wanted taken care of and completed by now. 

When you put things off for a few days it's easy to forget altogether, and then wind up shocked when you realize an entire month has gone by. 

Is there something that you've been putting off- how can you hold yourself accountable for making sure it gets done?  Do you have a system to take care of projects you might otherwise avoid?



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